About the Artist

Hello! I am a multimedia artist who creates books and animations about history, community, and the precious nature of memory and existence. At the heart of my practice is a passion for bright colors, playful shapes, and community engagement.

Recent works include Kamiyasi Kamiyasi, an Ainu fairytale about friendship, and Sappho and Friends, an animated trilogy about puppy love and in-group humor that pays homage to educational children’s media.

Recent collaborations include the design of hands/hoofs/claws with Catherine Czacki and the creation and running of Grinning Moon with Grace Mae Huddleston.

In addition to my work as an artist, I am an educator who is passionate about nurturing creativity and a love for storytelling in students. Currently, I work in student affairs and communications in the public education sector.

I received my BA in Visual Arts from the University of California and live and work in the greater Los Angeles area.

Other places to find me: Instagram / Twitter / Tumblr / Vimeo